Creating A Stronger Conference Story

John Steinbeck on Story telling...

What do vacations and colonoscopies have in common?

More than you think!

Emmy-winning former Wall Street Journal and NBC journalist, author, inventor and business consultant Kare Anderson shares her thoughts on creating a stronger conference story. She discusses the importance of creating conversation threads and a participatory purposeful narrative that invites others to join in discussions.

Here’s a rundown of her video if you want to fast forward to a specific area.

00:30 – Creating A Conference Story
02:49 – The Difference Between Storyboarding And Storytelling
03:46 – Threading And Theming A Conference
04:25 – Creating A Conference Culture Of Learning
05:17 – For More Information On Storyboarding

Anderson’s just released book Moving From Me To We: Succeed And Savor Life With Others is available for your Kindle. It contains more than 300 ways to become more likable, respected and frequently quoted.

Video edited from PCMA’s Convening Leaders 2012 Learning Lounge Live Chat Room video clip.

How important is a conference theme or thread to your planning process? What are some important tips you’ve learned about creating a conference story or theme?

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  1. Thank you Jeff of your generous and astute curation of many videos for PCMA including this interview you did with me. I always learn so much from you and Dave Lutz

  2. thom singer says:

    She makes a GREAT point about asking speakers for ideas and to “jump in” to make the conference experience better. I love her point about how this will show the planner which speakers care.

  3. Good points! These days, Submitting a ‘Customization Questionnaire’ should be the norm for all speakers and entertainers.

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