Three Steps To Target And Engage Facebook Power Users [Infographic]


According to the Pew Research, the typical Facebook user receives more comments, messages and likes than they give.


Everyone has a few zealous Facebook friends that are highly engaged in one or more of Facebook’s activities.

These friends are “power users. They are the invisible drivers of most of the site’s activities.

So who are these power users? Why should your organization care? And how do you target and engage them?

This Demandforce and Column Five infographic will give you more information.

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  1. Frank Kenny says:

    Thanks for sharing this Jeff. I read recently that 90% of social media users are lurkers and only 1-2% are actual creators. Taking that info plus what you posted here tells me just how easy it is to stand out even in this age of information overload.

    Simply put, most people are nearly invisible and intend to remain so for one reason or another. For those who want to stand out they need to realize that they can. It just takes time and thoughtful effort.


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