Considering Certification: Steps To Making A Decision

Are certification programs the golden handcuffs to maintain membership levels and to increase revenue?

Many association leaders think that launching a new professional credential may also be the key to more money in the bank.

Think again if that’s your primary reason for wanting to implement a new certification program. Certainly it can elevate a profession, help an industry avoid government regulation and establish a field as a profession. It can also require substantial association resources including finances, labor and time. Discover what it takes to create and maintain a successful credential program and if it’s right for your organization.

Here is the PPT slidedeck from my reason presentation at TSAE’s New Ideas on Steps To Making A Decision About Certification. Many thanks to Mickie Rops, CAE for all her wisdom, insight and writings about credentialing. She’s my go to person for certification issues for sure!

What has been your experience with certification programs? When do they work well and when don’t they work?

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