My Apologies – Gary Rottman


Yesterday, we received notice that an article I penned in the October, 2012 issue of ConveneIs Your Conference Marketing So Last Year? included content that was lifted from Rottman Creative Group’s Manifesto.

The article included concepts that were created during collaboration with other parties for a couple of industry presentations. We wrongly assumed that it was original content and have now properly attributed those sections to Rottman Creative Group.

Gary, I appreciate you bringing this to our attention and apologize for not fact checking to give proper attribution in the first place. On this blog and in Convene, we love sharing the best ideas, regardless of source, and normally point readers to sources of inspiration.

Be sure to check out Rottman Creative Group’s Manifesto. It’s a short read, insightful and helpful for your conference marketing strategy.

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  1. Very professional apology and admission VelChain and Jeff Hurt.

    In these fast moving times, it’s easy for things to get repeated that perhaps were raised by someone else.

    You took responsibility, and directed me to his blog. I enjoyed it. I never would have found him without that, so it’s a win.

  2. Bob James says:

    A noble way to deal with a problem!

  3. Well done Jeff! And thanks for the re-direct – great stuff!

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