We Need Your Help: Industry And Professional Speaker Research


Two years ago, many of you contributed to a special research project that we conducted with Tagoras, a leading market research and consulting company for learning.

This research identified trends for hiring professional speakers and provided insight for selecting and delivering concurrent sessions with industry speakers at major conferences.

If you’re like us, you believe that designing exceptional education experiences is a key differentiator. Processes for intentionally selecting and coaching content leaders must evolve to earn key stakeholder loyalty. But has it?

We’re curious too! We’ve decided to check the pulse two years later and could really use your help.

We’ve created an online survey to capture current trends and statistics around securing and coaching industry and professional speakers for live conferences. The responses will be compared against the results that we’re compiled two years ago so we can all learn how this area of differentiation is evolving.

How Can You Help?

  1. If you have a conference that attracts 500 or more attendees and you hire professional speakers and/or secure industry speakers, please complete this survey.
  2. Share and recommend this survey with your colleagues. We’re not sending out a big email blast for this so any sharing with your network will help improve the quality and helpfulness of the output.

What’s In It For You?

  1. The responses provided will be aggregated, interpreted and shared as a free resource to help improve face-to-face meetings.
  2. Individuals who contribute to the research can receive the aggregate data first.
  3. You could be a lucky winner of one of five $50 gift cards.
  4. You will be part of helping our industry progress as we identify critical trendsy.

We appreciate your help in improving and caring about the educational benefits of face-to-face meetings. Thank you in advance for participating in this survey!

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