How To Get More Likes On Facebook: Photos, Length And Content [Infographic]

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  1. Kristi says:

    I’d be interested to know when they created this infographic because some of the material (most activity on Wednesday / 3pm) seems pretty old and has appeared in almost every “tip sheet” I’ve seen about Facebook since 2010.

    The other reason why I’m curious to know when the infographic was created is because it makes no real mention of edgerank. Due to the sources I can see, I’m guessing this was made before Facebook rolled that out or the creators aren’t aware of how dramatically it changed the algorithm.

    What this chart is missing is:

    • For every post you share on Facebook that gets NO interaction, you increase the chance that your subsequent posts will be hidden from your fans.
    • Facebook hides your posts from 90% of your followers unless you pay to promote them.
    • If you “share” a post, you are not given credit for the views and likes that post gets, the originator does.
    • Tagging people is the only way to guarantee your photos will be seen, and therefore commented on. But you can only tag them if the page admins doing the tagging are personally friends with them.
    • Only the people who constantly interact with your page are the ones who see the content you post.
    • If you want to get more likes, post content that the 5% of your fans who are active will share.

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