Three Free Event eBooks You Should Read

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Conferences, events and meetings are evolving.

We live in a time where change is the constant.

Disruptive innovation is the name of the game. If the institution can be disrupted, it will be. Here are three ebooks that discuss some of those event game changers.

Mobile Apps: The New Event Essential

Mobile is everywhere and growing. We can’t live without our mobile devices. It has become part of our everyday life. Today users are judging conferences and events based on whether they employ a mobile conference app.

This eBook is for readers that understand the importance of mobile apps to customize and enhance the attendee experience.

If you’ve launched a mobile app and want to make it better…or you’re thinking about launching a mobile app but face some internal roadblocks to get buy-in, then Mobile Apps: The New Event Essential is for you.

VCC was involved in writing this eBook by CrowdCompass.

The Good Event Registration Guide

This eBook is your guide to compare, evaluate and understand hundreds of registration and ticketing providers. The Good Event Registration Guide includes best practices, common pitfalls, and crucial elements to consider such as free vs paid events, elasticity of demand and audience tech friendliness.

This eBook compares 123 registration and ticketing providers short listed from a group of 300. The Pricing Comparison Table offers an overview of the pricing structure of 75+ providers. You’ll also be able to identify how much you would pay in commissions and processing fees on a $100 ticket for 78 providers.

Written and compiled by Julius Solaris, editor of the Event Manager Blog and founder of the 150,000 member Linkedin Event Planning and Management Group.

The 2013 Speaker Report: The Use Of Professional And Industry Speakers In The Meetings Market

Do you secure speakers for your conferences, events or meetings? If yes, then this report is just for you.

This second report carries the 2011 findings forward and offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date information available on how speakers fit into the educational landscape. The key findings outline top take-aways from the data and suggest what they might mean for how your organizations approach meetings.

Data shows how professional and industry speakers are chosen, the impact they have on meetings, their costs, whether industry speakers are compensated and what organizations expect from speakers today. There were also some surprises from the 2013 report including the downward trend of livestreaming, the decline of the call for the proposal and the increase in DIY methods to secure speakers.

The five authors from Tagoras and Velvet Chainsaw staff have worked in the learning and meetings space for decades.

What other event books have you read this year that you would recommend? What trends do you see regarding mobile apps, registration or speakers for events?

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