Creating An Effective Event Website [Infographic]



What are the most important and critical components of an event website?

Julius Solaris of the Event Manager Blog highlights the important elements of a modern event website in the following infographic.

Full image and description here-> Event Technology Infographic
Courtesy of Event Manager Blog

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  1. Dave Martin says:

    I really like the single page event site idea but wonder if we would be packing too much info on one page. Or am I telling myself we have too much info and I need to shorten it? I’m yet to see a bigger event use the one-page idea. In some ways it seems really well suited for smaller events or conferences (that are speaker focused) and less so for conventions with exhibitors. Thoughts?

    1. Jeff Hurt says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I think the point is to have the “key information” on one page. Too often we confuse “key information” for all the information.

      What do others classify as key information needed on one page of the event website?

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