Do Millennials Prefer Virtual Meetings? No! Face To Face Matters! [Infographic]

Happiness is

Conventional wisdom says that millennials prefer virtual and digital meetings over face to face ones.

According to this infographic, compiled by CT Business Travel and NeoMam Studios, a digital design studio

  • 78% of Gen Xers & 80% of millennials say they actually prefer in-person communication with their colleagues.
  • 87% of all professionals believe that face-to-face meetings are essential for clinching business deals.


What’s your strategy for digital and face to face events for 2015? What type of digital/virtual or hybrid events do you enjoy attending and why?

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  1. There is no doubt that Face-to-Face meetings provide the best experience and will never go away, but for many professionals today, their schedules and resources do not allow for them to attend the face-to-face event. By providing it online as a way for remote people to have the ability to engage with those that are face-to-face and gain insight into your association, you are creating an invaluable option for potentially thousands of professionals who want to gain access to your message and education.
    Imagine if the NFL had taken this stance in the 1960’s when the networks wanted to broadcast their football games. If they chose to just keep their revenues from the people who solely went to the game in person, the sport of Football would be one tenth as valuable as it is today and their would be millions of less fans attending the games live.
    Lets get past the value of Face-to-Face and start looking at the bigger picture. If we don’t, their will be many organizations who wished they read less about the importance of Face-to-Face and more about reaching the world with their message through live streaming.

    1. Dave Lutz says:

      James, no question both face-to-face and amplification are both critically important for a profession to progress. Ensuring that social learning is optimized is a differentiator for delivering a premium product worthy of investment.

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