The Future Of Learning And Technology 2020: Preparing For Change

Future Tools of the Future!

The education landscape of 2020 will be characterized by the blurring of boundaries.

Learning anywhere and anytime will be commonplace in many different ways based on the ubiquitous and innovative use of technology.

Our organizations face a duality of change—conceptual and technological—regarding the practices of education and learning. The practices of teaching, presenting and learning will undergo fundamental change as it responds to global, social, political, technological and of course, learning research trends.

Will your organization be ready and prepared to take advantage of these seismic changes to education, learning and technology?

Here is my slide deck from ASAE Tech Conference 2014 on the Future Of Learning and Technology 2020: Preparing For Change.

Which of the organization education legacies does your organization need to work on today? Which learning/tech trend interests you the most and why?

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  1. Steven Priefer says:

    Really appreciated your session about the future of learning. I have to say that now I am more confused than I was before I came to the conference. With all the research that has gone in to how we learn and debunking what we grew up thinking its going to take so innovation in the education world to get us on the right track and I don’t think any of us are quite there yet.

    1. Jeff Hurt says:

      Thanks for attending and commenting. I really appreciate it.

      Didn’t mean to confuse you. 😉 At least you’re thinking about it now and that’s the critical thing. I think we are just beginning to see the changes that are coming in the education field for sure! Take one or two of these ideas, study them more, consider how to apply them and just test the waters. We need to do more of that for sure!

  2. I truly believe in transformational learning. Great post and I look forward to linking to your blog from ours once we complete our web redesign in March 2015.

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