Inject These 5 Education Disruptors In Your Conference

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Brain science is not a fad and neither is online learning.

The more we learn about how we learn, the more opportunities we have to provide more meaningful and lasting learning experiences for attendees at our meetings and events.

Inject These 5 Disruptors In Your Conference Education

Here are the slides from my joint presentation with Dr. Will Thalheimer of Work-Learning Research, PCMA’s Convening Leaders 2015. We discussed the research of the following five education disruptors and how to apply them to conferences:

1. Spacing

Why spacing content is so critical to your participants’ learning. Applying subsciption learning, learning prompts and job aids help improve the memory and forgetting curve.

2. The Science Of Learning

Lectures and panels are ineffective for learning. Just read the research in this presentation and you’ll uncover a small portion of the data that reveals why they don’t work. It’s time for conference organizers to apply the science of learning instead!

3. Intimate Learning

The research say peer to peer feedback is better than expert feedback says Thalheimer. Social learning experiences benefits participants’ learning!

4. Learner Feedback And Measurement

Your smile sheet evaluations have no relation to attendee learning! Here’s why!

5. On-The-Job Performance Focus

What happens at the conference education matters less than what happens back on the attendees’ job! WHOA!

Which of these disruptors will you apply at your next event? Which do you think are too difficult to apply?
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