Revamping Your Strategic Brain To Be A Rock Solid Leader


The challenge you face as a conference organizer or meeting planner is taking on the role of being a ridiculously in charge rock solid leader.

Or not!

You can decide to be a meetings’ transactional order taker and fulfiller. You may decide that’s all you want to do for the rest of your life. Or you can decide to be a leader. The choice is yours.

Six Questions To Assess Your Strategic Brain

If you decide you want to be a leader, you’ll need to work on your strategic brain and strategic thinking. Here are six questions from author and brain guru Sandra Bond Chapman to assess if your brain needs a strategic revamp and overhaul.

  1. Do you allow frequent interruptions (3-4 per hour) when working on main tasks?
  2. Do you jump to a new task when immediately asked rather than making good progress on the major goal of the day?
  3. Do you multitask more than twice a day when you’re working on a major project?
  4. Do you work past your regular bedtime two nights or more a week to solve complex problems or complete major assignments?
  5. Do you have difficulty knowing when you have saturated your capacity to think clearly and work effectively?
  6. Do you recognize when there are strains on your task performance?

If you answered yes to two or more questions, your brain needs a strategic revamp.

Steps To Revamp The Strategic Brain

Want to know how? Review the slide deck to find three know-hows for your strategic brain power!

Here is the slide deck from my recent presentation Strengthening Our Strategic Thinking To Become Better Leaders given to PCMA Gulf States Chapter.

Which BrainPower step is the one most difficult for you to tackle and why? Why do meeting professionals embrace operational effectiveness and not strategic effectiveness?
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  1. Great presentation Jeff! I have practiced and preached the ‘brainpower of none” my whole life. Let your brain do the heavy lifting while you are out having a break. It works for me so well that I am constantly amazed by the world undervaluing this concept. I also love how often and how effectively you get the attendees involved (and turn them into participants – which is a much stronger learning strategy, as you know 🙂 Great work, Jeff on these massively important subjects.

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