Develop An Organization That Succeeds Through A Culture Of Learning Infographic

Current Perspectives on Sitting: Developing a Culture of Movement in the Workplace

Modern organizations need to develop a learning culture…

…If they want to survive in the rapidly changing world in which we now live.

A learning culture is a work environment that supports all employees constantly learning, unlearning and relearning.  Our knowledge and skills can become outdated quickly. Successful organizations hire those that embrace life-long learning. These employees know that improving their organization depends upon their learning.


Infographic created by Stephen J. Gill and ATD. Used with permission.

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  1. Chris Dawson says:

    Many times the “silo mentality” stems from the belief that knowledge is power and if you share knowledge you are decreasing your power in the organization. A learning organization takes a completely different outlook. In a “Learning Organization” the leadership knows that by sharing information(power) they gain the trust and respect of their subordinates which increases their following exponentially.

  2. SmartCrowdz says:

    That is very true that in order for organizations, events, or individuals to be successful in today’s fast pace and ever changing society, they need to develop a culture of continuous learning and growth. Life-long learning is key to building a successful organization, and I find the graphic you used in this article to be a very insightful visual about the value of learning in the workplace. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Sam Mudra says:

    A learning atmosphere where people can add values to their professional career is always a great culture to be a part of. This in turn benefits the organization and helps it to grow as a brand. But a retention policy should also be taken to keep the best resources available with you.

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