Event Mobile Apps Five Big Trends [Infographic]

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Julius Solaris and his team at the Event Manager Blog launched the Event App Bible recently.

Here are five trends he noted from his research of more than 100 providers and 2,000 participants.

Full image and description here-> 5 Trensds in Event Mobile Apps
Courtesy of Event Manager Blog

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  1. Hey Jeff, thanks very much for sharing.

    I was quite shocked by some of the findings. Almost half of those not using apps, do not want apps. There is a big piece on education still missing from those writing about the subject as well as from app providers. Event profs want more clarity and definite understanding of the benefits of apps, otherwise there is no way they will even try one.

    1. Jeff Hurt says:

      Wow, that’s really odd that nearly half of the respondents don’t want an app. Seems it could lead to more research on the size and type of that organization or meeting. And I wonder how may attendees want and expect a conference app? That’s really what matters regardless what an #eventprof says.

      Thanks for sharing the infographic and the research too.

      1. We’ve disclosed all the data in the report and also cross referenced some of it. What we gathered form all of the above is that the need for a much clearer direction on the actual benefits (as opposed to just having an app) will make a difference in the planners’ confidence.

        Still shocking when compared to a previous research we made about social media – where 83% of planners did use social.

  2. Onur Mete says:

    Awesome Post Jeff. Especially valuable for us at the moment because we just started creating an App for our customers! @Julius: This fact totally blew me away as well. I think it depends on the eventprofs mindset. Those 50% who are not even thinking of getting event apps might be very old school oriented.

    1. It may well be Onur, it is equally true that the benefits should be more clearly explained by providers and commentators

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