Ten Ways Conference Professionals Can Gain Credibility And Increase Their Strategic Value

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Are you looking to gain credibility?

Do you want to climb the career ladder? Do you want to be seen by your executives as a leader who can add strategic value?

Sure you do. And if you’re like most, you want to do this now. You don’t want to wait 10-20 years before people respect you.

The Credibility Equation

Leadership and catalyst guru Brad Lomenick has identified a theory for credibility:

C = T x (E+E)

Credibility = Time (multiplied) by Experience + Expertise

Whether you’re a new or veteran meeting professional, this theory can work for you.

In order to be a successful conference professional, you need to establish your credibility, trust and expertise. As you build your credibility, you also build your ability to influence things around you. You’ll want to use that influence to help others and your organization.

Practical Ways To Gain Credibility

Here are some practical steps you can take to increase your credibility now. And be seen as a strategic player in your organization.

1. Work Really Hard

Seems obvious, right? Yet so many people aren’t willing to work hard. They want easy work. People respect others who are willing to work hard. Don’t confuse busyness for hard work. Give it your best effort.

2. Listen

Ask great questions of those around you. Then listen. Also listen to what is not being said as well as what is underneath what is being said. Don’t assume you know what the person means because you both use the same words. Ask more clarifying questions and listen.

3. Record It

When you hear something interesting or insightful, record it. Write it down or type it in your mobile device. Begin to capture perceptive and discerning ideas. Keep a list of your big-picture priories.

4. Stay Calm

Study how to manage your emotions, even in times of great stress. Then learn how to manage the emotions of those around you. Working on your emotional intelligence, a soft skill as some would say, is hard. And as you improve your emotional intelligence, you are seen as someone who doesn’t bring drama to the job.

5. Increase Your Self-Awareness

Learn how your actions and words affect others. Become increasingly self-aware. Embrace humility and humbleness and don’t think you know more than you do. Gain conscious knowledge of your own character, feelings, motives and desires. When you sense an emotional hijack, ask yourself why you have so much energy around this specific issue.

6. Latch On To Those Who Are Smarter Than You

Find others in your organization that are astute and have great self-awareness. Observe them and ask shrewd questions. Connect with leading organizations, networks and others that are highly respected. Learn all you can from them.

7. Be Flexible

Work on setting a standard of excellence now. However, don’t adopt a perfectionist mindset. Be flexible with your expertise.

8. Think Strategically

Those with the most credibility understand how their tasks fit into a bigger picture of the organization’s overarching goals. They also have the ability to think about possible changes to the logistics that will further the organization’s strategic advantage.

9. Collaborate

Most of us work in a team environment so demonstrate how to collaborate and be a good team player. Lone Ranger and solos are often not seen as credible.

10. Think About The Effectiveness Of Your Tasks

Credibility comes with action. Doing, not just talking. Think about what you are doing and if there are any ways to do it better. Don’t get bored with your tasks. Think about how effective your tasks are. Stick with it and your experience will create your expertise.

Hat tips leadership experts: Thom Holland, Brad Lomenick, Michael Zipursky.

What are some other ways you can gain credibility? How have you learned to add strategic value to your conference and meeting tasks?

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