Developing 21st Century Brain Savvy Leadership Webinar August 18

brain lobes

It has come like a thunderbolt. A large boom followed by a blinding light.

It’s as if we woke up from a long, long sleep.

Some of our most esteemed and successful associations woke up and discovered that the world around them has drastically changed. And the change keeps on coming.

Register now for this complimentary free webinar on August 18, 2 pm Eastern. (You need to create an account first to register for this free webinar. See below for more registration details.)

20th Century Leadership Out, Neuroleadership In

Our old methods, 20th century association models, work routines and mindsets are no longer effective.

Change is no longer an event that we can plan for and roll out to our organization. It’s the regular heartbeat of life around us. It’s what the world marches to daily.

We need a new set of skills to be successful in the 21st century. We need to apply scientific insights to how we lead and how to help others face change.

Your Org Is Out Of Balance

How we face change, adopt it and adapt to its impact is critical to our organization’s success today. How we lead others to change is how we are successful or not.

Too many of our associations are out of balance.

We focus on numeric transactions, archaic measurements and scientific-sounding reassurances. We’ve got to bring balance back to our associations. We’ve got to develop empathy—not just walking in our customers’ shoes, but truly understanding what makes them tick. Empathy will bring back our balance. Strategic thinking will lead us to progress.

Our challenge is learning, unlearning and relearning.

Join me August 18 at 2 pm Eastern. (You need to create an account first to register for this free webinar. See below for more registration details.)

VCC Webinar Series

VCC has partnered with CommPartners, our platform of choice, to provide these complimentary no-sales zone webinars. We are using CommPartner’s social learning platform Elevate which leverages peer to peer learning. We are grateful for their partnership and guidance.

Our webinar goal is two-fold:

1. Provide high-quality, engaging learning experiences.
2. Model participatory digital learning experiences.

To Register

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We hope to see you online during one of our digital learning experiences.

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