Trends For Tomorrow’s Conference

Trend 13 Färgkarta för väggfärg (5)

Every conference experiences change.

Well, at least is should experience some change. Especially if it’s a healthy and growing conference.

Yet some conference organizers—those that keep their finger on the intersection of society, their profession and their customers’ industry—sense that they are in the midst of radical change. It’s the kind that only happens every few decades.

Seismic Conference Shift Predictions

While no one is really sure of what’s ahead, talking about it allows us to position our conferences for a changing world.

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After attending this Webinar, the participant will be able to:

  1. Describe how engagement will drive conference attendance.
  2. Explore how investment in conference attendee participation experiences will outweigh investment in production experiences.
  3. Identify two to three trends that you should consider and adopt
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