Six Monumentally Significant Shifts Medical Meetings Education Must Make Now

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Medical meetings need to practice agility and pivoting with their programming now!

Their organizers and hosts can’t wait for a two- or five-year change cycle. The medical profession is shifting to outcomes based medicine due to health care reform.

And those conferences that want to continue to remain germane to the medical profession need to make that appropriate shift as well. They can’t continue to offer research-driven information sessions that lack how to effectively apply that research to their practice and patients. Healthcare professionals (HCPs) want practical, pertinent continuing medical education that helps them change the attitudes, behaviors and skills of their patients and practices.

Six Shifts CMEs Need Now

Take a look at these shifts that are driving healthcare and medical meetings today. They were originally shared in a webinar presented by me for MeetingsNet.

1. It’s An Outcomes Driven Health Care World Today

It’s time to rein-in the research as Sue Pelletier said. Too much of our medical meetings is focused on delivering the latest and greatest academic research.

But when is that focus going to center on the medical practice and ultimately the patient. Unless that medical education helps the HCP understand the impacts to their practice and patient, it falls flat. And unless the CME helps the HCP effectively and wisely apply it, it misses the mark.

Data alone is not enough to help HCPs advance their practice and their field. And too often, the research is done by academics that have to follow specific criteria in institutionalized education arena instead of the practicing medical professional. We’ve got to bridge that gap between the research and application.

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How is your medical meeting adapting to these critical shifts? What is your medical meeting doing to make sure that the CME is providing practical learning experiences that your HCP attendee can apply back in their practice?

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