It Is Time For Some Conference Metrics Maintenance


If you own a car, you don’t want to ignore preventive maintenance.

Rotating the tires, checking the oil and getting scheduled inspections are important to a safe ride and keeping you from expensive future repairs. Just like regular preventive maintenance for your car, your conference needs regular preventive maintenance.

The first place to start with a conference check-up is collecting the right data. We’ve got to ignore those vanity metrics that make feel good. They will lead us to false security and fake hopes.

Vanity Or Actionable Metrics

So what type of metrics do you collect?

Are you guilty of touting feel-good conference vanity metrics?

Yep, we’ve all said things like: “Our attendance is up 30% from last year. We sold out our exhibit space. Or we have 45% first-time attendees.”

We repeatedly confuse our conference activity for healthy vital signs. We let our emotions fool us with these faux-positive vanity metrics. Instead, we need to uncover actionable metrics that help us make strategic decisions.

Join us as we discover how to shatterproof our conferences, give our conference metrics some maintenance and measure what matters. Register now.

Attend VCC’s Webinar on June 7 at 2 pm Eastern: Metrics Mania For Conference Improvement: Vanity Or Actionable Metrics

After attending this session, the attendee will be able to:

  • Compare and contrast vanity and actionable metrics and discuss the value of actionable metrics.
  • Explore the differences between leading and lagging conference indicators.
  • Identify healthy vital signs of financially sustainable conferences.

Register now.

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