Becoming A Conference Possibilist And Foster Mind-Share Collaboration Event Experiences


What is the breakthrough you most want to see happen in your conference in the next year?

What do you imagine could be possible if you were truly collaborating with your conference planning team, leadership and volunteers? What effect would leading through collaboration have on those who follow you?

In order to do so, you need some new thinking partners. You need a team of collaborators that will challenge you to explore different ways of relating to your conference stakeholders. You need to practice mastering the four essential strategies of collaborative quotient

Become A Conference Possibilist!

I invite you to become a  Conference Possibilist!

What’s a possibilist? If you look it up, you will definitions that relate to politics, geography and philosophy. But it’s so much more than that.

A possibilist is someone who recognizes that all possibilities exist, though they may not yet have occurred yet says Kim Marcille Romaner.

A conference possibilist is someone who believes that they can create and foster experiences that help their participants turn possibilities into reality through peer collaboration and co-creation.

To do this, you need to increase your awareness of how you, your conference planning team and those around you are thinking.

To do this, you need to understand how your own mind and conference planning patterns can help or hinder your possibilities. You have to discover how to fine tune and play your own mental instrument first.

Then you have to expand your awareness so that you can be positively influenced by the diversity of thought around you.

As you master these skills, you develop the capacity to bring out the best in your planning team. And you bring out your best too.

You then can design conference experiences that duplicate that process. You help your stakeholders recognize and say, “I think better when I think with you!”

Want To Know More?

Join Us July 14, 2 pm Eastern for our webinar Increasing Conference Collaboration By Shifting From A Market-Share Environment To A Mind-Share Experience.

To register, first create an account. Of if you already created an account, login. Then register.

What will you learn during this webinar?

In addition to how to be a conference possibilist, you’ll discover the four strategies of collaborative intelligence. You compare and contrast 20th century market-share with 21st Century mind-share mentality. You’ll also discuss how to move your conference programming from delivery of information to peer collaboration and co-creation.

How will this webinar help your conference planning?

First you’ll identify why your conference programming needs to move into more mind-share collaborative and co-creation experiences. You’ll discover your own collaborative quotient and how to improve it. And you’ll discover how to foster more peer to peer collaboration, co-creation and innovation.

Register now.

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