Tactical Or Strategic: Which Best Describes Your Governing Nonprofit Board

Which way?

Tactical board members are focused on the predictability of the past for today, the here and now, and getting through the year.

Strategic board members think, prepare and act on challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Why? Because they care about the organization’s future. They know they can play an important role in creating their stakeholder’s future.

Is your organization fostering a strategic thinking or nonstrategic thinking board? And which is more important to your organization’s success?

What Your Association Board Needs

To be an effective governing Board, there must be a clear definition of strategy, defined expectations of their leadership role, resources, and finances.

But sometimes boards find themselves doing ‘work’ rather than offering strategic direction. So how do you guide your board’s focus from operations to oversight of finance and administration or from doing program work to overseeing the program of work?

Take a look at these slides from my presentation at ASAE Annual 2016 in Salt Lake City on the Dynamic Strategic Board for more info.

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