Why Your Conference Needs An Intrapreneur


Are you making some changes to your annual conference?

Trying to upgrade your participant experience? Or introduce some new innovations?

If you are, you need a conference intrapreneur! More than just one intrapreneur, you need a conference planning culture of intrapreneurship. Ultimately, you’ll want to develop a conference team of intrapreneurs.

Perplexed About Intrapreneurs? Ask Yourself

Ask yourself this:

Do our conference planning teams have the willingness, capability and confidence to _____________________________? (Fill in the blank with your new conference endeavor like move to 21st Century learning methods or implement segmented target market solution-based planning.)

If you have volunteer leaders involved in planning your annual event, ask this:

Do our conference volunteer leaders and committees have the willingness, capability and confidence to _____________________________? Do they have the understanding of why we need to _________________________ as well as the business case to _____________________? (Fill in the blanks with your new conference endeavor like those listed previously.)

If you answered no to any of these statements, you need a conference intrapreneur. Better yet, you need a team of conference intrapreneurs! And a culture of conference intrapreneurship too.

Defining Intrapreneurs

Organizational management expert and author Peter Drucker coined the term intrapreneur. Intrapreneurship refers to the process of initiating new endeavors, implementing new innovations or creating new sources of value within an organization. It is sometimes called corporate entrepreneurship or organizational entrepreneurship.

Intrapreneurship is where the startup spirit meets the organizational institution.

And we all know, our annual conferences could use some startup spirit! Too many of them are steeped, even marinated, in tradition, legacy, programs and processes that have become stale, outdated and even stuck in the past.

Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs And Conference Intrapreneurs

You probably know someone who is an entrepreneur. We often consider entrepreneurs as creative professionals with a lot of initiative, innovation and chutzpa.

Entrepreneurs bring new ideas to life, and turn on a dime to answer the demands of a fast-moving market. When they run into obstacles, they adapt. ~ author Rich Maloof.

Now think about that same entrepreneur spirit and description for a team of people within your organization that are planning your events.

Our conference intrapreneur team brings new ideas to life and turns on a dime to answer the demands of a fast-moving world and our target market. When they run into obstacles, they adapt. ~ paraphrase Rich Maloof.

Imagine what could happen if you had a conference team of intrapreneurs charged with bringing new conference initiatives, innovations and efforts to life in your next meeting.

How could you use a conference planning team of intrapreneurs for your next event? What characteristics or traits do successful conference intrapreneurs need to have?

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