Your Two Cents on Virtual Events

Improving digital learning and amplifying conference content to a larger audience is a high priority for most conference organizers. With the advent of DIY solutions, business models that include sponsorship and the ability to reach a global audience, we’re seeing an increased focus on expanding the impact of virtual events.

Tagoras, an adviser to associations and businesses that offer adult lifelong learning, continuing education and professional development, freely shares quite a bit of research with the learning business community. It’s time for its annual survey on virtual events, which is even broader this year, because it’s open to all in the learning field, whether or not you actually offer a virtual event. Tagoras’ aim is to assess the role of virtual conferences and similar virtual events are playing in the broader events market.

We’ve found that this is one of the most insightful reports produced for digital learning trends in our profession. It won’t take long to participate, and your answers will be aggregated and shared as a free resource. As a contributor, you can receive early notification when the report is complete and available for download.

As an incentive, participants will be entered into a drawing for one of five $50 certificates (enough for a Kindle). Access the survey here. Thanks for your time!

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