Will Work for Goodwill

Living in Orlando (not the happiest place in the world today) provides a close-up view of the horrific impact the pandemic is having on people and businesses in the live-event, hospitality and travel industries. Nearly all of our association clients are making enterprise-changing decisions to cancel or postpone their marquee events while saying goodbye to their primary revenue source.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the individuals, families and businesses who are impacted by this crisis. Like most of you, our team wakes up every morning wishing this is just a bad dream.

At VCC, we were tracking to have a banner year in 2020. Like most companies supporting large live events, today we are now faced with significant uncertainty about our future, just as so many of you are.

Micro-Consulting Bandwidth

Lisa Block, Sarah Michel, Bill MacDonald, Betsy Bair and I have all spent most of our professional lives in the meetings industry. We’re devastated about how this pandemic is impacting the industry and people whom we care so deeply about.

With new available bandwidth, our team has decided to take action and do what we can to support the industry we love. For interested associations and suppliers that support the meeting industry, and are in need of help, we are offering consulting and coaching calls without the expectation of compensation. We want to do everything we can to help people and organizations work through their part of the crisis and recover strongly.

To take advantage of this limited time offer, contact any team member of VCC. Our intentions to assist are genuine. We reserve the right to deny requests outside of our expertise or comfort zone.

Time to Work on the Business

While the full impact on the post COVID-19 era are unclear, playing the long-game is what good leaders do. Once confidence in travel bounces back, as it did after 9/11, those that make plans to come back stronger and better will recover sooner. Here are some of the priorities we can provide virtual, micro-consulting for:

  • COVID-19 decision-making and crisis communications
  • Speaker coaching for virtual engagement
  • Team or service provider reorganization or consolidation
  • Pricing strategies (registration or expo)
  • Conference P&L analysis
  • Facility & vendor agreement resolution
  • Professional speaker recommendations
  • Event technology solution advice
  • Conference education development processes


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  1. This is AWESOME! You all are amazing! This is the right attitude. We are all in this together! XOXO to you all!

  2. Rick Dobson says:

    Dave, in addition to this being incredibly generous, it will also serve to inspire others. Thank you!

    1. Dave Lutz says:

      Thanks Rick! Hope your family and colleagues are weathering this storm well!

  3. Jason Moody says:

    I think the greatest tragedy from this virus might well be the amount of talent that is lost from the industry where people or companies just cannot afford to carry on until it is lifted. In the UK we are expecting it to be 2021 before any events go ahead, and even then expect them to be the smaller end of the market.

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