[Webinar] Mission Critical: How One Association Transformed its Live Event to Virtual in Record Time

This is not a typical story. The American Association of Suicidology’s annual meeting had been growing steadily in recent years. When their reimagined conference couldn’t take place in Portland, Ore., in late April, staff and volunteers went into overdrive to transition the physical meeting to a virtual one in a matter of days.They knew how critical it was to deliver much-needed content to their global community.
Jonathan and Colleen will share the unvarnished truth about what they learned, what they’d do differently and the surprising results of the efforts of their team. Join VCC’s free webinar and take away lessons you can apply immediately to your event strategy.
Date: Thursday, May 7, 2020
Time: 12 noon – 1 p.m. EDT
Conference Architects and Speakers:
Colleen Creighton, CEO, AAS
Jonathan Singer, PhD, AAS Board President and 2020 Program Chair
Sarah Michel, VP, Velvet Chainsaw Consulting

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  1. Carla Fuqua says:

    Hi there… I am sorry i missed this webinar. We too are moving to a virtual meeting and I am currently in discovery mode and looking for best practices that could be shared. That said, I was hoping this webinar was recorded… who could I reach out to? Thank you.

  2. Jamie Dowden says:

    Will you be providing the recording from this webinar?

  3. AOB Events says:

    really explains everything in detail, the article is very interesting and effective. Thank you and good luck for the upcoming articles.

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