How Much Has Covid Affected the World of Virtual Conferences?

Leading learning firm Tagoras has launched another round of its virtual conferences survey, the results of which will be compared to its last round, conducted near the beginning of the pandemic. The use of online events, by all types of organizations, has grown by leaps and bounds. This current survey’s results “will give us a good sense of just how much impact COVID had,” says Jeff Cobb, managing director of Tagoras.

The purpose of this survey is to better understand how organizations are using online and virtual conferences, whether on a standalone basis or in conjunction with place-based conferences, meetings, and trade shows. Any type of organization that offers virtual conferences is encouraged to participate, even if you do not currently offer or plan to offer a virtual conference and regardless of the size or budget of your organization.

That includes associations, commercial businesses, academic institutions, solopreneurs, anyone who considers events to be a part or potential part of their strategy. Tagoras is hoping to get as comprehensive a view as possible into how virtual events are being used, particularly in comparison to pre-pandemic results. The report helps to raise overall visibility for virtual conferences and the results will be freely shared in a new report. Please take part in the survey now. It’s open through August 31.

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