Improve Your Output by 10% with ChatGPT

With AI and ChatGPT on the rise, event professionals now have a helpful tool that can elevate efficiency and improve work quality —and you don’t need to be an expert to harness its potential.

Over the past few months, I’ve tested out real-world applications for leveraging the power of ChatGPT. Here are three work tasks that I’ve found useful so far:

  1. Summarizing large sets of comments/content.
  2. Initial idea generation for solving a challenge or kicking off a new task.
  3. Adding polish to paragraphs, articles or other correspondence.

Getting started is a breeze—create a free account at, explore ChatGPT’s capabilities and initiate a conversation.

Three Practical Applications for Event Professionals

  1. Aggregate and Prioritize Qualitative Survey Data:

    ChatGPT can be a game-changer for reviewing survey comments. Instead of hours of reading and organizing, copy and paste survey comments and ask ChatGPT to summarize top themes and provide insights. In seconds it will provide unbiased analysis and potentially uncover hidden insights. Be sure to run a side-by-side comparison against your own review and insights for the best results!

  2. Initial Intelligence Gathering:

    Struggling with where to start for determining team pricing for your conference? Ask ChatGPT to provide examples of group pricing models for large professional association conferences. As a second step, ask for ideas and examples from large medical conferences. These initial ideas can help you prioritize the options for you to research and analyze more closely.

  3. Upgrade Session Descriptions:

    Let’s refine a session description from ASAE’s 2023 Annual Meeting titled “Use Your Annual Meeting to Jump Start Your Content Strategy”:

Original Description:

“Your annual meeting is the one time of year where you get hundreds (or even thousands!) of hours of content ideas that volunteers willingly create for you for free. Doesn’t that content deserve a better fate than a rejection pile or a dusty corner of your learning management system? It’s time to radically change how associations approach their annual meeting content by identifying education priorities, mindfully building programs to address those priorities, and intentionally repurposing captured content into new products and services. Discover how to redistribute good ideas from the rejection pile into products that your members needed yesterday.”

When prompted to be more concise and empathetic, it produced this revision:

“At your annual meeting, volunteers generate hundreds of content ideas for free. This valuable content shouldn’t be discarded or left unused in your learning management system. Let’s revolutionize how associations handle their annual meeting content: identify education priorities, design programs to address them, and repurpose captured content into new products and services. Learn how to turn your best content into products that meet your members’ urgent needs.”

You can continue to iterate and refine until you get just the right content, tone and length. Once your prompts are defined, you can improve consistency by replicating and applying them to other session descriptions.

By incorporating ChatGPT into your event planning workflow, achieving a 10% improvement is within reach!

What event planning process or task has ChatGPT helped you become more efficient?

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