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Getting Leadership Buy-in For Your Conference Upgrades

Your conference planning team has bought in to the idea that their traditional conference model needs to change. They’ve even agreed to some of the unique changes that should happen. Now you have to convince your leadership including the C-Suite, possibly the Board of Directors, and others, that these changes are the right move to … [Read more…]

Converting Three Hugely Popular Complaints About Changing Conference Education

Some conferences have begun to make the transition from passive listening experiences to active participatory education sessions. Participatory conference education is moving from a buzzword to a normal practice. And ultimately, attendees benefit greatly from the change. Some conference organizers have discovered that this transition requires more work than the traditional model of sit-‘n-get lectures … [Read more…]

You Need To Communicate Conference Changes To All Your Stakeholders

You’re convinced that you need to make changes to your conference experience and have got approval from your boss and leadership to proceed. You’re excited about those changes and ready to launch that new experience. Then you discover that many of your conference stakeholders do not respond with the same enthusiasm. Your stakeholders’ response is … [Read more…]