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Most Organizations Are Victims To Pedagogy – Instructor-Centered Education

Most organizations use an outdated model to provide education to its customers and team. They are victims to instructor-centered or expert-centered education. They follow a pedagogic model of education. Unfortunately, this greatly hinders active inquiry which is the basis for learning. Pedagogy: Instructor-Focused Education Pedagogy literally mans the art and science of educating children. It … [Read more…]

Lectures Are A Wimpy Model For Learning

I have reached my limit with well-educated-yet-stupidly-ignorant, egotistical, self-centered experts who believe lectures are the best way to learn. Lectures and listening are wimpy models for learning. The Myth Of Learning From Lectures Too many people believe the myth that listening to a lecture is the fastest way to learn. And too may well-intentioned speakers … [Read more…]

Uses And Abuses Of The Common Lecture

Few people agree about what makes a good lecture. It’s like asking about what is good art or great music. Our personal tastes are all over the map. Some researchers have found that individuals want different and often conflicting things from a lecture. Since lectures will be evaluated and assessed at extremes of a rating … [Read more…]