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Weigh In On What Do We Call Them?

In a recent blog post I asked Registrant, Attendee, Participant Or Learner? What do we call people who attend a conference or event? As a recap, here are the definitions of those words and I’ve added delegate to the discussion as well. The differences are subtle yet articulate distinct responses and actions. Registrant – one … [Read more…]

Registrant, Attendee, Participant Or Learner?

Words, words, words. They are everywhere. Billboards, blogs, books, Facebook, menus, movies, internet, LinkedIn, magazines, newspapers, roadway signs, screens, social media, smart phones, television, Twitter and websites to name a few. Words are rapped, shouted, spoken and sung. Some are believed, felt and trusted. Some are disputed, doubted and cause negative emotions. Some words dance, … [Read more…]