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Are You A Right-Brained Creative?

Where does creativity come from? No, it doesn’t come from the strike of lightning bolt or a handful of hallucinogenic drugs. Although the movie Gothic depicting English Romantic poets Mary Shelley and Lord Byron taking drugs on a rooftop in the midst of a thunderstorm might lead you to think so. Dramatic, yes! And far … [Read more…]

Get On The Brain Train Before It Leaves The Station

Attendees spend about 24 hours physically present in a three-day conference experience. (About eight hours a day, outside of sleep and night activities.) Students who attend school from kindergarten through high school typically spend more than 13,000 hours learning from teachers. 24 hours seem minimal as compared to 13,000 hours. Yet, most conference participants try … [Read more…]

Alleged Brain Science Education Exposed – Learning To Unlearn, Learn And Relearn

“The secret to learning new things is to be willing to unlearn–even if your behaviors previously brought success.” ~ Marcia Connor. Unlearning, Learning And Relearning About How The Brain Impacts Conferences And Events I’m been in an unlearning funk for the past year or so. I didn’t want to give up familiar education models. They … [Read more…]