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When Push Comes To Pull: Can Associations Adapt?

We are living in a period where we are straddling two different society cultures and economies. We are transitioning from a push economy to a pull economy. From Hierarchical To Networked-Based Today’s participatory networked culture has changed business and organizations from a push approach (hierarchical, from the center out to others), to a pull approach … [Read more…]

Shifting From Serving Attendees To Involving Participants

If you haven’t made the shift from ‘serving attendees’ to ‘involving participants,’ consider this your wake-up call — and your roadmap. The Participatory Class Sociologists identify today’s networked individuals as the participatory class. As part of a participatory culture, we expect to create, collaborate, connect, share, and learn interactively. We feel that our contributions matter. … [Read more…]

The Yin And Yang Of Push And Pull For Your Conferences And Education

What happens when someone pushes you? How does your body and mind respond? You body gets tense. You try to resist. You become defensive. And sometimes, you react by pushing back. Resistance is common when being pushed. I submit it is actually a form of engagement. If someone only experiences being pushed, they soon feel … [Read more…]