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Conference Pivoting: Memory, Remembering, Cues And Mnemonics

Viewing a conference presenter does not give it much sticking power in the memory to paraphrase cognitive psychologist Dr. Daniel Willingham. Ouch, that’s certainly smacks at the primary conference education session—the traditional lecture. Viewing a conference lecture, even reviewing its recording later, leads to the illusion that the viewer knows the material because it seems … [Read more…]

Time To Pivot: Rethinking Human Memory And Remembering For Conference Education

How does the mind work, especially how does it remember things from your event? Well, it’s probably not like your currently believe. Creating a memorable event is not enough! Unforgettable memorable events, which most of us aim to offer, misguide your attendees because our memories do not accurately record an event or experience. Your memory … [Read more…]