Brand by Rupert Ganzer

Yes, Your Conference is a Brand

Yes, your conference is a brand. So start treating it like one! The Words Annual Meeting Are Out! If you’re still using Annual Meeting in your conference brand, you’re showing your age. Most association bylaws require an annual meeting of the membership. It's the organization's business … [Read More...]

Reach Out by David Ip

Feeding Our Need For Community And Connection

We're living in a time where we've never been more connected with others than we are now. Yet most of us feel pretty disconnected from our personal and professional networks. Why? Because we were not hardwired for digital connection. We are wired for face-to-face connections. Maslow Had It … [Read More...]

Binford 2000 Brain Surgery by nerdmeister

Your Conference Planning Really Is Brain Surgery

You’ve heard the saying, “Come on, this is not brain surgery.” It means that something is really simple to do. We use it to encourage people to stop whining and do the obvious. Planning the right conference programming for the right target audience is profoundly simple. If you have a vision … [Read More...]