Prisma, TVN by Hernán Kirsten

Our Screwed Up Thinking About Creating Conference Experiences

As conference organizers, we need to learn about the power of experience. Well, we already know about experiences. We have them all the time. We’ve had experiences with our families and friends. We’ve had experiences with work. We’ve had school experiences. We’ve had experiences with institutions and organizations. We’ve had vacation … [Read More...]


audience by nirshir_rana

Your Conference Audience Matters More Than You Think!

Having an audience at a conference is no longer a novel idea. It’s expected and a given. Unless you’re a speaker that didn’t resonate with this audience in a past meeting. Then you probably have a very small or limited audience if any. How you define your conference audience defines how you … [Read More...]

LazyAfternoon by Jenny Pansing

Is Your Conference Fostering Conscious Cognitive Misers?

Are you creating intellectually lazy conference participants? Your conference programming may harbor bias toward minimizing cognitive efforts. In other words, your conference sessions and speakers may actual curtail participants’ thinking. Your conference could be creating happy fools. These … [Read More...]

Thecoolestspotinlot by Jenn

NetWORTHing: The New Way to Network At Conferences

Have you ever been a victim of a network drive-by at a conference? Violated by someone who only talks to you if they think you can do something for them? The whole time they’ve got one eye searching for a more influential target to move to. Everyone has been burned by someone who in the name … [Read More...]