Photo Brittany Randolph/The Star
Erin Lewis, 6, enjoys cotton candy while watching games at the Ellenboro Fair on Tuesday. The fair will run until Saturday, September 9th at the old Ellenboro School.

If Your Conference Metrics Feel Good, Use Discernment

Yahoo, our conference attendance is up 30% from last year. Whoa, don’t be fooled by that conference data! Too many organizations pat their leaders on the back for increased attendance, selling out the show floor or selling all of their sponsorship packages. We need to use discernment to look deeper into what that conference data is really … [Read More...]


Dreaming by Moyan Brenn

Follow Your Dreams – A Bitter/Sweet Day at VCC

We’re very blessed to have an incredible team here at VCC! But, today marks the final (official) day of one of our MVP’s, Donna Kastner. Donna is a go getter! Prior to joining us, she developed a business/community concept called Retirepreneur. (Pretty cool, right?) She’s leaving our company so … [Read More...]

Silo by Eirik Refsdal

Silos Suffocate Your Successful Conference

Imagine an extended family of eight living under one roof together. Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Dad and four siblings. Everyone lives in a separate room. Imagine they never speak to each other except once a week at a Sunday lunch. Each engages in their own personal activities in separate schedules. … [Read More...]

zombie by Jennifer Rouse

Feeding A Zombie Project And Getting No Results

Is your organization stuck maintaining and nurturing a zombie project? A zombie project is one that continues from year to year regardless of its effectiveness. It sucks the very life and resources from your team and organization says authors Scott Anthony, David Duncan and Pontus M.A. … [Read More...]

TTIP by European Parliament

Getting Leadership Buy-in For Your Conference Upgrades

Your conference planning team has bought in to the idea that their traditional conference model needs to change. They’ve even agreed to some of the unique changes that should happen. Now you have to convince your leadership including the C-Suite, possibly the Board of Directors, and others, that … [Read More...]

Theyexist by Boris SV

Beguile Potential Conference Attendees

Want to spike your conference registration? Try an emotional call to action. It captivates fence sitters and potential first timers. The only reason anyone does anything is to change the way they feel, says Tony Robbins. With the right emotional call to action, you can help potential attendees … [Read More...]