design by maher berro

Conference Experiential Design: Why Emotion Trumps Efficiency

This post, Delivering Experience, by Anthony Iannarino stuck in my mind as it sparked new ideas about conference experience design. Iannarino recounts a dining experience with his wife at a "funky, cool, eclectic" restaurant. Within moments of arriving, drink orders were swiftly taken and delivered. Entrees arrived moments later. Then the check, … [Read More...]


Lure by Nell Tackaberry

Four Ways To Attract NextGen Conference Participants

Attracting the next generation of participants is an urgent priority for most professional conference organizers. Too often we think that means injecting conference botox to give our event a more youthful, trendy hip vibe. Yet it is much more than giving our conference a face-lift. The … [Read More...]

Ace by Marty Desellts

Brain-Savvy Leaders Foster ACE

In order to grow, your organization must change. Organizations that refuse to move become stagnate. They become trapped, treading water through a set of regular routines while getting nowhere. Without lasting change, organizations become dull, sluggish and deteriorate. They eventually die, … [Read More...]


Misguided And Misinformed Conference Barometers

Many of us who plan conferences have become so busy at the logistics of the event that we lose sight of the goal. When planning an event, we immediately go into automatic overdrive. We do the same things we’ve always done because it’s efficient and familiar to us. The over arching goals of the … [Read More...]