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Conference Cloning: Principles Not Practices

Many of us do it. We seek the next great idea. We read lists of tips and tricks in search of one unique takeaway we can try at our event. We observe what other conferences are doing. We turn to the experts and others who have had success and ask them how they did it. … [Read more…]

Your Rigid Thinking May Block Conference Improvements

Did you learn how to ride a bicycle as a kid? We often say, “Well, it’s just like riding a bicycle. Once you learn how, you’ll never forget.” But what if you had to forget everything you learned about riding a bicycle? What if you had to unlearn and start over? Could you learn, unlearn … [Read more…]

Four Commitments That Block Conference Reinvention

Some conferences keep pace with changing times. Others seem stuck in a time warp. Tradition led them to success in the past and they expect it will in the future. Most organizations respond to changing times in some way. Many respond by increasing the flurry of activity that has resulted in past success. Usually, that’s … [Read more…]