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Some Conferences Are Like Bad Funerals

Many annual meetings are like funerals of the past. Quiet, stoic, painfully long, full of tradition, and extremely passive. It’s hard to tell who really died as the audience is just as lifeless as the deceased. Sometimes these traditional conferences have doses of fear and damnation trying to scare people into doing something they don’t … [Read more…]

Old Guard Conferences Vs. Cutting Edge Conferences

When the winds of change blow, some people build walls. Others build windmills. ~Chinese Proverb Conferences are divided today between Old Guard and Cutting Edge Conferences. Old guard conferences build walls when the winds of change blow. Cutting edge conferences build windmills to capture and leverage the winds of change. Old Guard And Cutting Edge … [Read more…]

Creating EPIC Conferences For Connected Times

Name two words that describe the web today. Connected and community are two that come to my mind. Conferences Are In The Connexity Business Amazon and eBay say they are in the connexity business-making connections and building communities. Both companies demonstrate that the web is less an information source than a social medium. Conferences need … [Read more…]

Metaphors, Stories And Images Are Important For Conferences: The I In EPIC Conferences

Try this. Next time you are in the grocery store, ask the seafood clerk for fresh sardines. Guess what most seafood clerks say? “There is not really one fish called a sardine.” Most of us are used to seeing sardines in a can. In reality, the name applies to twenty-one species of small fish that, … [Read more…]