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Adopt These Four Values To Super Charge Your Conference Participant Peer Learning

In today’s high-tech, information-at-your-thumbs world, education models have shifted. Our conference participants now have the capacity and cultural motivation to produce their own knowledge. They experience overwhelmingly support for creating and sharing information and connections in their daily lives. We continue to witness the rise of the participatory culture as Henry Jenkins describes it. These … [Read more…]

Five Super Effervescent Sparkling Fresh Conference Education Ideas

As a conference organizer, do you replicate last year’s conference schedule and experience and just change the filling? Or do you mix it up? Constantly looking for new ways to freshen up the attendee’s conference experience. The best conference organizers proactively seek fresh, new ideas to implement at their next annual meeting. They work hard … [Read more…]

Are You Designing For The Four Stages Of Conference Experience?

As a conference organizer, are you designing for the four stages of a conference experience? Or are you only designing for attendees to consume information? If you are planning only didactic, one-way, information transfer such as lectures and panels, you are missing some great opportunities to give your attendees a more robust experience. Four Stages … [Read more…]

Creating Conference Engagement With These Seven Social Spaces

People participate in a variety of behaviors at a typical conference. They enter the conference with specific expectations of what they can do at the event, who they can do it with and what’s expected of them. So how often do we plan conferences with a focus on the behaviors and types of spaces that … [Read more…]

A Conference Learning Manifesto With Ten New Principles To Adopt

We participate, therefore we are. This spin on cogito ergo sum (English: “I think, therefore I am”) is a good motto for all conferences and events. It is exactly where I think conference organizers should begin to focus their meeting planning efforts. They need to focus on designing learning experiences where attendees actively participate, not … [Read more…]

Old Guard Conferences Vs. Cutting Edge Conferences

When the winds of change blow, some people build walls. Others build windmills. ~Chinese Proverb Conferences are divided today between Old Guard and Cutting Edge Conferences. Old guard conferences build walls when the winds of change blow. Cutting edge conferences build windmills to capture and leverage the winds of change. Old Guard And Cutting Edge … [Read more…]

Creating EPIC Conferences For Connected Times

Name two words that describe the web today. Connected and community are two that come to my mind. Conferences Are In The Connexity Business Amazon and eBay say they are in the connexity business-making connections and building communities. Both companies demonstrate that the web is less an information source than a social medium. Conferences need … [Read more…]

Metaphors, Stories And Images Are Important For Conferences: The I In EPIC Conferences

Try this. Next time you are in the grocery store, ask the seafood clerk for fresh sardines. Guess what most seafood clerks say? “There is not really one fish called a sardine.” Most of us are used to seeing sardines in a can. In reality, the name applies to twenty-one species of small fish that, … [Read more…]

Creating Participatory Conferences, The P In EPIC

Do you remember Pop Rocks candy? It was the candy that exploded and jumped in your mouth. Or perhaps you recall Zotz, the candy that fizzed in your mouth. Interactive Candy If you walk the aisles of a local department store today, you’ll find a new host of interactive candies. You’ll see Armageddon Asteroids, Big … [Read more…]

Conferences Need To Focus On Creating Experiences, The E Of EPIC Conferences

Imagine it’s 2084. You are craving a new experience that you’ve not had in the past. You decide to visit Rekall to get a memory implant of a new vacation experience. This is the setting of the 1990 movie Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger or the 2012 remake with Colin Farrell. While Total Recall is … [Read more…]