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Zombie Conferences Create Dead Leaders Walking

Is your annual meeting nothing more than a zombie conference? Zombie conferences provide schedules packed full of informative presentations and sessions that try to consume your brain. Presenters rapidly shovel content at attendees. Their goal is to cram as much information as possible into a person’s mind. They stuff more information into their presentation aiming … [Read more…]

Creating Zombie Conferences That Consume Attendee Brains

Most conference marketing should say: Come to our Zombie Conference! We want to consume your brain! At least that statement would be more authentic to many conference experiences. Many conference schedules are packed full of education sessions and informative presentations. Organizers rapidly shovel and push information at attendees. It often feels like a medieval joust … [Read more…]

Combating Conference Information Indigestion And Filter Failure

Information Indigestion. You can find it in the new book of conference diseases. Information indigestion is a symptom of the conference organizer’s inability to filter unnecessary topics from the conference agenda.  It is a real dis-ease to conference participants. And the culprit is the conference content organizer. One of the biggest challenges facing meeting professionals … [Read more…]