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15 Disruptive Conference Realities You Need To Adopt Now [PPT]

Healthy conferences change. They adapt to new contexts, society trends and business shifts. Those that don’t change become stale, stagnate and stuck in a rut. Here are 15 disruptive conference realities that you should adopt before they are forced upon you. 15 Seismic Conference & Attendance Predictions from Jeff Hurt Read More Read more about … [Read more…]

Seismic Conference And Attendance Shift Predictions Part 2

Change is no longer an event that happens once in a blue moon. It is the pace of today’s business. It is the drumbeat of the 21st Century. The change that we currently see around us might one day be viewed as similar to what happened after the invention of the printing press or the … [Read more…]

15 Predictions About Future Conferences And Shifting Attendance Part 1

Every conference experiences change. Well, at least is should experience some change. Especially if it’s a healthy and growing conference. Yet some conference organizers—those that keep their finger on the intersection of society, their profession and their customers’ industry—sense that they are in the midst of radical change. It’s the kind that only happens every … [Read more…]

Nonprofits Contradictions And Real World Disruptors

I don’t claim to know a lot. But I am pretty confident of these two things: Change is the constant today and continues to accelerate. Our nonprofit associations are dynamic, complex systems embedded within an even more dynamic, complex übersystem: human society. Six Changing Association Contexts Technology has radically altered human society, in at least … [Read more…]

6 Real World Conference Disruptors

All disruptions are innovations. But not all innovations are disruptors. At least that’s what Forbes writer Caroline Howard says. Think of innovation and disruption as both makers and builders. However disruption dislodges and changes how we think, act, do business, learn and go about our day-to-day tasks. Defining Disruptors Harvard Business School professor and disruption … [Read more…]

Eight Web Verbs Associations And #Eventprofs Should Adopt

This post revisits one that was originally published in 2011 and has been updated it with two additional web verbs to adopt. In the next 20 years, eight dramatic technology trends will influence our connected world. We are already watching how these forces are shaping modern web culture. Kevin Kelly, co-founder and senior maverick of … [Read more…]

Will Nonprofit Trade Associations Embrace Open Educational Resources [OER]?

Openness in education is an emergent practice among many organizations and institutions. Open educational resources (OER) affect the practices of instruction, learning, presenting and teaching. Will nonprofit trade associations embrace OER or will they continue to keep educational resources behind a member wall or for purchase only? Defining OER OER are educational materials such as … [Read more…]

Are Your Organization’s Learning Opportunities Outdated?

Is your organization offering learning opportunities that are based on an outdated model? Or have you positioned your organization to offer learning opportunities that are proven to be successful today and align with your participants’ learning? No, I’m not just talking about the linear advancement of technology as applied to learning. Technology is a factor … [Read more…]

Are You Still Providing Education Opportunities Based On The Industrial Revolution Model?

Is your organization still trying to make revenue from didactic forms of education and instruction? Are you using a hierarchical, top-down, command and control delivery model? Are you providing content that seems out of context in today’s every changing global market? If you are, you are showing your age. You are announcing to the world … [Read more…]

The Need For Speed And Learning Agility

Your organization’s enduring competitive advantage rests on learning agility. It must be able to respond to new challenges, opportunities, threats and crisis. New, unprecedented complex challenges constantly present themselves. Learning At The Speed Of Change Experienced leaders used to claim that they had seen every problem several times in the past. That’s no longer true … [Read more…]