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Inject These 5 Education Disruptors In Your Conference

Brain science is not a fad and neither is online learning. The more we learn about how we learn, the more opportunities we have to provide more meaningful and lasting learning experiences for attendees at our meetings and events. Inject These 5 Disruptors In Your Conference Education Here are the slides from my joint presentation … [Read more…]

Your Conference Is Offering Learning Scrap That Is Not Even Worth Recycling

Your conference and association value proposition is under attack! Education and networking are two benefits of conference attendance and association membership. Yet, education is being disrupted in major ways. When employees spend too much time in education offerings that do not translate into increased performance and productivity, it is learning scrap. It’s wasted information, knowledge … [Read more…]

21st Century Leadership Skills Require Collaborative Learning

Are 21st Century conference organizers trying to create success using outdated 20th Century skills? According to a 2012 Skillsoft survey, too many professionals today are trying to lead with last century’s abilities. Then they wonder why their business, or in this case their conference, is not thriving. Skillsoft’s findings illustrate that 21st Century leaders must … [Read more…]

7 Fundamental Ways To Drastically Improve Conference Breakouts

Concurrent sessions, often known as breakouts, are the meat and potatoes of conferences. They are also one of the most difficult areas for your continuous improvement efforts. In many associations, volunteers vet submissions, decide topics and select speakers for their annual meeting’s concurrent sessions. While well intentioned, volunteer committees rarely are equipped with a big-picture … [Read more…]

Today’s Conference Education Model Was Created For An Economy That No Longer Exists

Conference education has not kept pace with 21st Century workforce demands. It is usually devoted to information transfer through a lecture or panel, rote learning and memorization of facts and figures to pass a certification test. The reality is that this old style, 20th Century, traditional expert in front of the room presenting to rows … [Read more…]

17 Education And Learning Trends That Will Affect Your Organization This Year!

Today, if organizations don’t take the time, spend the money and learn how to build world-class learning programs both for their customers and their employees, they will not be able to compete or lead their stakeholders into the future. Learning investments are more important now than ever. Learning Trends That Will Be Adopted This Year … [Read more…]

Will Nonprofit Trade Associations Embrace Open Educational Resources [OER]?

Openness in education is an emergent practice among many organizations and institutions. Open educational resources (OER) affect the practices of instruction, learning, presenting and teaching. Will nonprofit trade associations embrace OER or will they continue to keep educational resources behind a member wall or for purchase only? Defining OER OER are educational materials such as … [Read more…]

Social Learning At Conferences: Moving From Passive Attendee To Active Participant

Have you ever received the elbow nudge during a workshop or conference? If you’re like me, you’ve even given a few to colleagues and friends. The Ubiquitous Elbow Nudge The elbow nudge occurs when a peer decides to emphasize something a presenter said. Suddenly you feel an elbow in your rib cage as your contemporary … [Read more…]

Understanding New Trends In Educational Technology [Infographic]

  Trying to keep up with all of the new buzzwords in the booming educational technology sector can leave you feeling like a kindergartener in a calculus class. Here’s a cheat sheet infographic created by Boundless that can help. How many of these education trends is your organization implementing? Which of these trends is your … [Read more…]

Are Your Organization’s Learning Opportunities Outdated?

Is your organization offering learning opportunities that are based on an outdated model? Or have you positioned your organization to offer learning opportunities that are proven to be successful today and align with your participants’ learning? No, I’m not just talking about the linear advancement of technology as applied to learning. Technology is a factor … [Read more…]