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Presenter Tips For Audience Discussions

“Nobody can’t teach nobody nothing,” says O. P. Kolstoe, author of College Professoring. We need better presenters, as our conference attendees often suggest. Or we need better attendees as our speakers often state. I think Kolstoe hit the bull’s-eye. As a presenter, so also a learner–the conference attendee. (paraphrased Joseph Lowman, 1995). If there is … [Read more…]

Speakers Required To Promote Your Conference In Social Media Must Follow FTC Endorsement Guidelines

We’ve come a long way, baby! ~ Loretta Lynn The times they are a-changing. ~ Bob Dylan The catch-phrases are abundant that our world and work continues to evolve. The Ever-Evolving Conference Speaker Contract Nowhere is this evolution more evident than some conference speaker contracts. I have personally seen a change in some conference speaker … [Read more…]

Your Presentation Needs To Start With A Presenter Attendee Agreement

I start the majority of my presentations by making an agreement with my audience. I call it my presenter-attendee agreement. Why use valuable presentation time for the presenter-attendee agreement? Most people come to conferences and presentations with an implied agreement that the presentation is about and for the speaker, not the audience. In reality, the … [Read more…]

Our Ability To Learn Has Deep Roots In Our Ability To Talk To Others

Listening is often the only thing attendees do in formal learning environments. Speakers talk. Audiences listen. They listen to keynote speakers at conferences. They listen to presenters in workshops. They listen to industry speakers in education sessions. They listen to staff in HR trainings. The truth is that all that listening amounts to very little … [Read more…]

Things I Despise About Speaker Marketing Videos

You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.” In the case of the majority of speaker marketing videos, it’s true! According to research by VCC and Tagoras, meeting professionals consider the speaker marketing video the most important sales tool available. More than a book, social media presence, blog or one … [Read more…]

Expert Presenters Make A Difference In Conference Education

Your conference presenters have tremendous power. They probably have more power than the venue, the logistics, other registrants, the host organization, the schedule or the content on your attendee’s experience. So shouldn’t conference organizers focus their energies on enhancing the aspects that truly make a difference in an attendees’ experience? How many of your past … [Read more…]

Fostering Hot And Spicy Audiences

Imagine for a moment that you’re preparing for a presentation for an upcoming conference. Close your eyes and visualize that your audience appears to be actually sizzling in their seats with enthusiasm. They are on fire for your words. Creating Audience Combustible Motivation Now imagine you have that same experience every time you present. This … [Read more…]

Conference Organizers Top 15 Professional Speaker Pet Peeves

Recently, Velvet Chainsaw partnered with Tagoras, Inc., a leading continuing education company, to survey conference professionals about their use of speakers. One question asked respondents to share their biggest pet peeves regarding professional speakers. 15 Guaranteed Ways Speakers Destroy Their Marketing Strategy Here are their top 15 most disliked pet peeves about professional speakers. 1. … [Read more…]

Confessions Of An Industry Speaker: What I Dislike About Your Conference

I feel like a professional conference attendee lately. I have attended and spoke at nine different conferences in the last 63 days. That’s one conference for every seven days. In reality, I spoke more than nine times because sometimes I had two or three presentations at each event. Seeing Your Speakers As Partners As a … [Read more…]