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Improving The Annual Meeting Experience By Strolling Down [Semantic] Memory Lane

You’ve got 15 minutes to dash into your favorite hardware store and purchase some finishing nails for a project. You know exactly where they are as you’ve walked passed them many times. As you enter the store a sense of dread overwhelms you. The management has rearranged the products and aisles. You look up and … [Read more…]

Making Meaningful Meeting Memories: Using The Five Memory Lanes

Have you ever lost your keys? Your wallet? Your cell phone? Your favorite pen? I have. Well, I didn’t really lose them. I just forgot where I put them. I have a ritual of walking into my house and always placing my keys, wallet, favorite pen and cell phone in the same spot. That way … [Read more…]

Creating Memory-Filled Emotional Conference Experiences

Take a stroll with me down memory lane. Imagine your favorite food that your mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather or other relative used to cook for you. Got it in your mind? Recall how it looked, it smelled and tasted. Now, close your eyes and think about where that food was lovingly made. Where are you … [Read more…]

Creating The Conference Cranium Conduit

Would you go to your local hardware store and walk down the paint aisle to buy milk? Of course you wouldn’t. If you tried, you could spend hours trying to find milk. When you go to the hardware store, you are usually there to purchase something for repair, renovation or home improvement. You don’t normally … [Read more…]