A Twitter Conference Primer: Part 3 – Onsite Engagement, Follow-Up And 16 Resources

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This is the third in a series on using Twitter at your conference or event.

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You’ve set up your hashtag, marketed it on your conference materials and your marketing engagement plan is moving forward. Is there still more to do?


Now it’s time to think seriously about your onsite Twitter engagement.

9 Steps To Use Twitter For Onsite Engagement and Follow-Up.

1. Follow the Twitter hashtag stream with a 3rd Party application

Don’t try to use twitter.com to follow your hashtag stream. Use a 3rd party application like Hootsuite, Seesmic, Tweetdeck, Twitter for the iPhone or iPad, etc. Set up a column in the app that automatically follows the hashtag. That way you can view the stream and updates.

2. Encourage speakers to use 140 character sound bites.

Encourage your presenters to put some of their information into 140-character bite size statements that can easily be shared in Twitter. Ask them to promote the hashtag at the beginning of each presentation and to include on their first PPT slides.

3. Assign a dedicated Twitter moderator to each session.

This is extremely important to create engagement and success with Twitter during the event. The Twitter moderator can share questions and comments from live or remote participants as well as help keep the conversations going.

4. Create a bloggers and Twitter hub in your general sessions.

5. Schedule a couple Tweet-ups for participants actively using Twitter.

This is a great way for people to meet other likeminded social media users. They are usually very well attended with very influential participants.

6. Setup a Twitter Kiosk in your pre-convene or registration area.

Staff this kiosk with conference Twitter evangelists to help others learn how to use it and understand its benefits.

7. Consider a Twitter backchannel display.

There are pros and cons on displaying the backchannel on the big screen during a live presentation. At a minimum, set up some Twitter plasma screen displays in the registration and common areas to create interest and buzz.

8. Post event, go to wthashtag.com and download all of the tweets for your records.

Some participants use Twitter to take notes and download their report from wthashtag.com. Once they are downloaded, it’s time to analyze them. Were you able to answer all the questions? Did you and your team miss anything? What needs further action? Who are your online influencers and HEROs?

9. Send personal tweets and email thanking those that tweeted during the event.

This will have a great impact on the social engagement of your future conferences. Don’t miss this step.

Still need more information? Here’s a list of 16 resources for using Twitter at your conference or event.

16 Twitter Resources For Your Conference Or Event


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Why Do You Tweet?

What other steps would you add to this Twitter Primer Part 3 on onsite engagement and follow-up for your event? What questions do you have about using Twitter for events and conferences?

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  2. Sarah Lawler says:

    Can you explain what a hub is (#4 above)?

    Thanks, Sarah

    1. Jeff Hurt says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      A Blog & Twitter hub is a designated area within your conference, usually in the general session room, for people who are live blogging and tweeting from the event. It usually has additional access to electricity and WiFi. You can read more about creating a Bloggers & Twitter Hub. Hope that helps.

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