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The Conference Collision: Old School Organizers, Status Quo Speakers, Disruptive Technologies And Attendee 2.0

Disruptive technologies have impacted the way we communicate and work for years. The relationship among event organizers, presenters and audiences is undergoing a fundamental change. Attendee 2.0 has embraced social media platforms and frequently engages in the backchannel discussing the event before, during and after the meeting. Attendee 2.0 has no problem reviewing the conference … [Read more…]

Look Out! Run For Your Lives. They’re Coming To Your Next Event! Attendee 2.0

Conference organizers and speakers, they’re coming to your next event. Bigger than the Blob. Mightier than the Undead. Faster than the Twilight Vampires. Here they come as you shake in your boots. Meet your new audiences: Attendee 2.0.   They are coming to your next event and like the Blob, have the potential to overtake … [Read more…]