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Speaker Tips When Using A Live Stream, Backchannel And Face To Face Experience

In the past two weeks, I’ve done three live streamed presentations. It’s more work than a traditional presentation. With a few tweaks to my traditional face to face presentation, everyone benefits. The rewards of the extra work are worth it! Presenting To Three Audiences At Once The challenge when presenting for a hybrid event is … [Read more…]

A Step By Step Process To Use Text To Screen During Events

Does technology change today’s audiences? 95% of the attendees at my presentation at Event Solutions Idea Factory said yes. The majority of them felt that when technology is used correctly at a conference or event, it can engage an audience. And 100% of my audience texted me during my presentation. Yes, 100% of this global … [Read more…]

The Conference Backchannel: Bonus Or Bomb?

When I say Twitter backchannel, what’s your first reaction?  Seriously, what’s the first thing that you think? Huh? What’s that? OMG, that’s a way to destroy the speaker’s presentation! We can’t do that. What if someone has something negative or childish to say about the presenter or the event and it gets displayed for everyone … [Read more…]

A Twitter Conference Primer: Part 3 – Onsite Engagement, Follow-Up And 16 Resources

This is the third in a series on using Twitter at your conference or event. A Twitter Conference Primer: Part 1 – Preparing For The Event A Twitter Conference Primer: Part 2 – Marketing And Engagement You’ve set up your hashtag, marketed it on your conference materials and your marketing engagement plan is moving forward. … [Read more…]

A Twitter Conference Primer: Part 2 – Marketing And Engagement

You’ve decided to jump into the world of social technologies and use Twitter for your event. You’ve done the first six steps to prepare to use Twitter for your event. 1. Ensure wireless Internet connections onsite. 2. Create a hashtag for your event. 3. Register your event hashtag. 4. Market and promote your hashtag. 5. … [Read more…]

A Twitter Conference Primer: Part 1 – Preparing For The Event

It’s like the sound of fingernails scraping on a chalkboard. It’s unpleasant. And annoying.  It similar to a primate’s warning cry striking fear in the tribe that a predator is near. Few of us can avoid cringing in agony when we hear that sound. We respond with adverse reactions. That’s exactly how I feel when … [Read more…]

Go Hybrid: A Live Streaming Cheat Sheet

This article was written (well, ghostwritten by me in collaboration with Dave Lutz) for Dave’s People & Processes column in PCMA’s June edition of Convene. You’ve convinced your team that providing a hybrid event is good for your organization, your customers and your stakeholders. You’ve alleviated any fears about the virtual experience cannibalizing your face-to-face … [Read more…]

Flip The [Twitter] Bird: The COPA Agreement

It’s time to flip the bird for your next conference or event. Not literally. Figuratively. It’s time to flip the little blue Twitter bird for your next conference by creating a COPA Agreement. An Agreement between the Conference Organizer, Presenter and Attendee (COPA). Many conference organizers wrestle with the idea of projecting the Twitter stream … [Read more…]

Bottom-line: Hybrid Meetings And Events Deliver More Value

Are you on the fence about hybrid meetings and events? Not sure they are right for your next conference? Or perhaps you’ve decided to take the plunge and are not sure what equipment is needed or where to begin. Here are two PowerPoint presentations delivered to GaMPI’s Meetings Exploration Conference 2010 “Emerging Strategies For Success” … [Read more…]

16 Criteria For Choosing Your Conference Backchannel Tool

So you’ve decided you want to help facilitate the attendee communication at your next event. You’ve set a goal to increase your onsite attendee engagement with each other and the speakers during the event. And your goals include listening and responding in real time, when appropriate, as well. Yet, you’re not sure where to begin … [Read more…]