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Effective, High Impact Leaders Attack Established Conditions

If a problem persists for years, it is no longer a crisis. It’s a condition. Many organizations face situations built upon shoddy foundations of myth, tradition and common-sense practices. The current state of affairs has prevailed so long they are now the accepted conditions. It’s a condition of “everyone else does it that way” shadows. … [Read more…]

Revamping Your Strategic Brain To Be A Rock Solid Leader

The challenge you face as a conference organizer or meeting planner is taking on the role of being a ridiculously in charge rock solid leader. Or not! You can decide to be a meetings’ transactional order taker and fulfiller. You may decide that’s all you want to do for the rest of your life. Or … [Read more…]

Become A Ridiculously In Charge Rock Solid Conference Leader

Every person in a team is a leader. ~ Alison Levine, 2015 PCMA Convening Leaders. Leadership matters! Whether leading an entire conference team or working in a meetings department as part of a team, leadership matters. So are you a conference leader? Do you lead others in a way to get their brains, hearts, minds … [Read more…]