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Emerging Evergreen Conference Practices—From This To That

You can never get enough of what you really don’t need says Eric Hoffer. To paraphrase Hoffer, you can never get enough of conference fads, gimmicks and trends. We want more, more, more! (Unless your a conference participant and we often have had enough!) Fads and trends are often about gaining attention. They also want … [Read more…]

Do Not Be Seduced By Meeting Fads Or Conference Trends

Most conference and meeting professionals want the coolest, hippest, latest ideas and trends for their events. We are on the hunt for the next meeting, seating, session format, technology, and food and beverage fad. We want to know what unique things other conferences are doing so we can borrow their ideas. We pursue fads, gimmicks … [Read more…]

Follow The Leader Can Be A Dangerous Game When It Comes To Best Practices, Solutions And New Ideas

Do you remember playing follow the leader as a kid? We all stood in a line behind one child who was the leader. We followed that leader around the room mimicking every action s/he took. When the leader squatted and quacked like a duck, we squatted and quacked like a duck. When the leader skipped … [Read more…]

These Conference Big Ideas Are Not For The Trendy Meeting Professional

Do you remember this Sesame Street song? One of these things is not like the other. Which of these things just doesn’t belong? This list of conference big ideas just doesn’t belong to the traditional, average conference planning process. These ideas are not for the faint-hearted. Nor are they for the meeting professional looking for … [Read more…]

The Conference Big Idea Road Less Traveled That Harvests Success

Most conferences are stuck in a rut! The experience has not changed in three, five and even ten years. They are predictable and often commoditized. So how do you create a conference experience that is not like all the others? Start by considering one or more of these conference big ideas. They are the conference … [Read more…]