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Steal And Adapt These Double Gulp-Worthy Ideas For Your Next Conference

Most conference organizers and event professionals are always looking for the next great idea. I’ve recently come across several set-off-the-fireworks awesome event ideas. Consider borrowing them. And if you do steal them, make sure that you understand the principles underneath the issues they address. As well as how to adapt them to your context. Or … [Read more…]

Creating Conference Engagement With These Seven Social Spaces

People participate in a variety of behaviors at a typical conference. They enter the conference with specific expectations of what they can do at the event, who they can do it with and what’s expected of them. So how often do we plan conferences with a focus on the behaviors and types of spaces that … [Read more…]

Six Conference Space Properties To Transform Attendee Behavior

As a meeting professional, you have the power to identify and manipulate the properties of a space to foster specific behaviors and attitudes. These spatial characteristics can be fine tuned to create a unique attendee experience. And it all rests within the power of your planning. Six Properties That You Can Adjust Properties are the … [Read more…]

Conference Organizers Are Space Designers, Cultural Translators And Learning Facilitators

Meeting space is the body language of the conference host organization.* Conference organizers have the ability to transform behavior, affect mood and foster learning with their attention and intention to the space’s design. Their lack of intention to that design also has an impact on the attendee. Your Space Decisions Define Your Beliefs The conference … [Read more…]

Creating Compelling Experiential Spaces For Conferences

Steelcase, a global office environment creator, was invited by TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Conference organizers to create immersive environments for their conference. (Did you click on that link to watch the short video clips showing some examples?) TED wanted compelling spaces that sparked great attendee conversations and nurtured community. 5 Principles For Designing Compelling … [Read more…]

Creating Community, Identity And Reflection With Your Conference Space

Have you ever seen a movie that starts with a fast action scene? Immediately, you are pulled into the middle of things. Screenwriters call this media res or in the middle of a plot. They know that they can pull their viewers into the story by placing the action at the beginning. This same principle … [Read more…]