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Copycat Cookie-Cutter Conference Or Unique Event

You are unique. And the conference and events you plan can be unique too. As a one-of-a-kind meeting professional, you are called to create one-of-a-kind conferences. You have an infinite amount of possibilities to create something new. Something different. Something unique. Thanks to Will Mancini for continually challenging me to think and be different. Too … [Read more…]

Two More Bear Traps And Five Practices You Should Steal Immediately (Part 3)

This is the third installment in this three part post on why you should not copy successful conference leaders. The first post looked at who we follow within the conference and meetings industry. It also established five bear traps to avoid when copying new ideas. The second post identified three big ole bear traps to … [Read more…]

To Believe Or Not To Believe Conference Copying: Three Big Ole Bear Traps To Avoid (Part 2)

Why do we blindly copy another conference’s success? Too often, we try to find fresh ideas from leading conference professionals. Copying another person’s conference success is so much easier than investing the time to think it through for ourselves. Hat tips to Carey Nieuwhof’s Leading Change Without Losing It: Five Strategies That Can Revolutionize How … [Read more…]

To Believe Or Not To Believe: 5 Devastating Reasons You Should Not Copy Another Conference

Who do you follow today in the conference landscape? I can think of several conference leaders and a handful of organizations that you should carefully watch. I know I follow them—even if from a distance. Your list might consist of any of the stalwart traditional conference organizers. They’ve taken their organization to success. Or you … [Read more…]

Borrowing Great Ideas Leads To The Risks Associated With Mimicry

We seem to always be looking for the next quick tip, idea, or feature to implement for our next conference. But not so fast — there’s some work that needs to be done first. Just copying someone else’s success and ideas is an easy way out. Give Me Your Great Ideas…Fast! We like to see … [Read more…]