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Borrowing Great Ideas Leads To The Risks Associated With Mimicry

We seem to always be looking for the next quick tip, idea, or feature to implement for our next conference. But not so fast — there’s some work that needs to be done first. Just copying someone else’s success and ideas is an easy way out. Give Me Your Great Ideas…Fast! We like to see … [Read more…]

Creating Customized Conference Learning Experiences

Dave Lutz and I recently presented for ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference 2012 on Creating Customized Conference Learning Experiences. We shared our philosophy and process for planning the content for PCMA’s 2011 and 2012 Learning Lounge. The Learning Lounge was a joint project between PCMA, Freeman and Velvet Chainsaw. Here are the slides from our presentation. … [Read more…]

Authors Speak Out About Conferences And Events: Learning Lounge Speakers Part 2

And you thought that the previous video of Learning Lounge speakers showcased a killer lineup. You’ve not seen anything yet. Just wait! There’s even more! We’ve value-sized your Learning Lounge experience. You been upgraded to receive insights that are guaranteed to rock your meetings world! PCMA and Velvet Chainsaw are committed to bringing you ideas … [Read more…]

San Diego Here We Come! PCMA Learning Lounge Speakers 2012

Follow these Learning Lounge 2012 speakers in Twitter. Learning Lounge 2012 Velvet Chainsaw is working with PCMA again to organize part of the 2012 Convening Leaders Learning Lounge. There will be more than 100+ education opportunities from Big Ideas TED style presentations, to “How To” iPad sessions, to “Bring Your Own Mobile Device” instructional presentations … [Read more…]

Why The PCMA Learning Lounge Worked

“What if no one shows up? What will we do?” It was 6:45 am on a Monday morning in Las Vegas. We wondered if anyone would actually show up when PCMA’s Convening Leaders’ Learning Lounge opened at 7 am. As the final countdown started, we were about to find out first hand if people would … [Read more…]

A Grand Trifecta In Conference Happenings: ACOM11, PCMA11 & VES11

Anticipation, anticipation Is makin’ me late Is keepin’ me waitin’ ~ Carly Simon That’s how I feel as I gear up to attend ACOM 2011, PCMA’s Convening Leaders 2011 and the Virtual Edge Summit 2011. It’s actually a grand trifecta happening all in Las Vegas, January 7-14, 2011. Three great conferences co-located in the city … [Read more…]

The Early Bird Gets The Learning Lounge Worm: PCMA 2011

Those who come first, learn first! Riddle Me This What has 63 speakers, 77 TED-style presentations, 49 round-table discussions, 49 facilitators, 21 emcees, seven theaters, three Supplier Showdowns, one hybrid host, two social media expert bars, one livestreaming stage, one global community discussion, one speed networking session, one PCMA Chapter Challenge and one task force … [Read more…]